1. [ verb ] fix or adjust the time, amount, degree, or rate of
Synonyms: modulate

"regulate the temperature" "modulate the pitch"

Related terms: adjust modulation
2. [ verb ] (law) bring into conformity with rules or principles or usage; impose regulations
Synonyms: govern order regularise regularize

"We cannot regulate the way people dress" "This town likes to regulate"

Related terms: deregulate decide standardize zone government rule regulator standardization
3. [ verb ] shape or influence; give direction to
Synonyms: determine shape influence mold

"experience often determines ability" "mold public opinion"

Related terms: cause dispose time reshape predetermine carry_weight decide pace indispose miscreate pace index form influence determinant shape regulation
4. [ verb ] check the emission of (sound)
Synonyms: baffle
Related terms: restrict baffle
Similar spelling:   regulated