1. [ noun ] a course of conduct
Synonyms: way way_of_life

"the path of virtue" "we went our separate ways" "our paths in life led us apart" "genius usually follows a revolutionary path"

Related terms: course straight_and_narrow hadith vanity_fair warpath ambages primrose_path free-living
2. [ noun ] a way especially designed for a particular use
Related terms: way walk pathway lane towpath crossing bridle_path
3. [ noun ] (transportation) an established line of travel or access
Synonyms: route itinerary
Related terms: line direction orbit beat migration_route bus_route fairway air_lane line_of_flight line_of_march traffic_pattern main_line flight_path beeline line_of_fire track supply_line crosscut trade_route electron_orbit circuit northwest_passage feeder_line paper_round route
4. [ noun ] a line or route along which something travels or moves
Synonyms: track course

: "the hurricane demolished houses in its path" "the track of an animal" "the course of the river"

Related terms: line trail steps round inside_track collision_course swath track course
Similar spelling:   pat