1. [ verb ] use one's feet to advance; advance by steps

"Walk, don't run!" "We walked instead of driving" "She walks with a slight limp" "The patient cannot walk yet" "Walk over to the cabinet"

Related terms: ride travel march march stumble stagger pace perambulate stagger slog tread stalk shuffle promenade wade sneak stomp limp prowl amble swagger slink prowl stroll clump tiptoe flounce lumber slouch ambulate tramp_down mince foot stride toddle hike lollop sleepwalk toe traipse tap step perambulate perambulate pedestrian step
2. [ verb ] traverse or cover by walking

"Walk the tightrope" "Paul walked the streets of Damascus" "She walks 3 miles every day"

Related terms: traverse pedestrian walker
3. [ verb ] accompany or escort

"I'll walk you to your car"

Related terms: accompany march trot
4. [ verb ] (baseball,sport) obtain a base on balls, in baseball
Related terms: score baseball
5. [ verb ] live or behave in a specified manner

"walk in sadness"

Related terms: behave
6. [ verb ] take a walk; go for a walk; walk for pleasure
Synonyms: take_the_air

"The lovers held hands while walking" "We like to walk every Sunday"

Related terms: travel constitutionalize
7. [ verb ] (baseball,games) give a base on balls to; in baseball
Related terms: play baseball
8. [ noun ] the act of traveling by foot
Synonyms: walking

"walking is a healthy form of exercise"

Related terms: locomotion march shamble prowl gait ambulation plodding sleepwalking wading pace
9. [ noun ] (baseball) an advance to first base by a batter who receives four balls
Synonyms: pass base_on_balls

"he worked the pitcher for a base on balls"

Related terms: accomplishment baseball
10. [ verb ] make walk

"He walks the horse up the mountain" "Walk the dog twice a day"

Related terms: compel parade march
11. [ noun ] manner of walking
Synonyms: manner_of_walking

"he had a funny walk"

Related terms: carriage
12. [ verb ] be or act in association with

"We must walk with our dispossessed brothers and sisters" "Walk with God"

Related terms: consociate
13. [ noun ] (transportation) the act of walking somewhere

"he took a walk after lunch"

Related terms: travel hike amble foot last_mile perambulation turn walkabout moonwalk walk-through constitutional
14. [ noun ] (sport) a slow gait of a horse in which two feet are always on the ground
Related terms: gait
15. [ verb ] walk at a pace

"The horses walked across the meadow"

Related terms: pace
16. [ noun ] a path set aside for walking
Synonyms: paseo walkway

"after the blizzard he shoveled the front walk"

Related terms: path sidewalk promenade catwalk skywalk boardwalk
17. [ noun ] Last name, frequency rank in the U.S. is 7634
18. [ noun ] (work) careers in general
Synonyms: walk_of_life

"it happens in all walks of life"

Related terms: career
Similar spelling:   Walko