1. [ noun ] how something is done or how it happens
Synonyms: way style manner fashion

"her dignified manner" "his rapid manner of talking" "their nomadic mode of existence" "in the characteristic New York style" "a lonely way of life" "in an abrasive fashion"

Related terms: property wise life_style touch fit form artistic_style setup drape stylize
2. [ noun ] (grammar) verb inflections that express how the action or state is conceived by the speaker
Synonyms: modality mood
Related terms: grammatical_relation optative_mood subjunctive_mood imperative_mood interrogative_mood indicative_mood
3. [ noun ] (music) any of various fixed orders of the various diatonic notes within an octave
Synonyms: musical_mode
Related terms: diatonic_scale major_scale Greek_mode minor_scale ecclesiastical_mode
4. [ noun ] (mathematics) a classification of propositions on the basis of whether they claim necessity or possibility or impossibility
Synonyms: modality
Related terms: logical_relation
5. [ noun ] a particular functioning condition or arrangement

"switched from keyboard to voice mode"

Related terms: condition
6. [ noun ] Last name, frequency rank in the U.S. is 22794
7. [ noun ] (mathematics,statistics) the most frequent value of a random variable
Synonyms: modal_value
Related terms: average statistics
Similar spelling:   mod