1. [ noun ] a particular kind (as to appearance)

"this style of shoe is in demand"

Related terms: kind
2. [ noun ] how something is done or how it happens
Synonyms: way manner fashion mode

"her dignified manner" "his rapid manner of talking" "their nomadic mode of existence" "in the characteristic New York style" "a lonely way of life" "in an abrasive fashion"

Related terms: property wise life_style touch fit form artistic_style setup drape stylize
3. [ noun ] a way of expressing something (in language or art or music etc.) that is characteristic of a particular person or group of people or period
Synonyms: expressive_style

"all the reporters were expected to adopt the style of the newspaper"

Related terms: communication vein formulation device journalese manner_of_speaking headlinese bathos poetry eloquence pathos officialese euphuism self-expression legalese allegory congorism terseness prose rhetoric grandiosity sesquipedality verboseness analysis black_humor writing_style genre jargon language music art stylize
4. [ noun ] (psychology) the popular taste at a given time
Synonyms: vogue trend

"leather is the latest vogue" "he followed current trends" "the 1920s had a style of their own"

Related terms: taste fashion bandwagon new_look stylize
5. [ noun ] distinctive and stylish elegance
Synonyms: dash flair panache elan

"he wooed her with the confident dash of a cavalry officer"

Related terms: elegance
6. [ verb ] designate by an identifying term
Synonyms: title

"They styled their nation `The Confederate States'"

Related terms: name title
7. [ noun ] (botany) the narrow elongated part of the pistil between the ovary and the stigma
Related terms: reproductive_structure stylopodium pistil stigma botany
8. [ verb ] (clothing) style and tailor in a certain fashion
Synonyms: tailor cut

"cut a dress" "style a wedding dress"

Related terms: design gore fashion
9. [ noun ] a pointed tool for writing or drawing or engraving
Synonyms: stylus

"he drew the design on the stencil with a steel stylus"

Related terms: tool
10. [ verb ] make consistent with a certain fashion or style

"Style my hair" "style the dress"

Related terms: make pompadour fashion hairdresser
11. [ verb ] (writing) make consistent with certain rules of style

"style a manuscript"

Related terms: write
12. [ noun ] (printing) editorial directions to be followed in spelling and punctuation and capitalization and typographical display
Related terms: direction
13. [ noun ] (zoology) a slender bristlelike or tubular process

: "a cartilaginous style"

Related terms: process stylet
Similar spelling:   stale