1. [ verb ] manage badly or incompetently
Synonyms: mismanage mishandle

"The funds were mismanaged"

Related terms: manage
2. [ noun ] bad or dishonest management by persons supposed to act on another's behalf
Related terms: management mismanage
3. [ verb ] behave badly
Synonyms: misdemean misbehave

"The children misbehaved all morning"

Related terms: behave act act_up fall_from_grace wrongdoing
4. [ noun ] activity that transgresses moral or civil law
Synonyms: wrongful_conduct actus_reus wrongdoing

"he denied any wrongdoing"

Related terms: activity misbehavior wrong violation injustice trespass infliction evildoing dereliction dishonesty malpractice malpractice perversion malversation tort injury misrepresentaation brutalisation misfeasance malfeasance misbehave
Similar spelling:   miscount