1. [ adjective ] full of life and energy

"a lively discussion" "lively and attractive parents" "a lively party"

Related terms: dull alive bubbling bouncing warm breezy burbling live bubbly alert energetic spirited animated rested liveliness
2. [ adjective ] full of spirit
Synonyms: full_of_life vital

"a dynamic full of life woman" "a vital and charismatic leader" "this whole lively world"

Related terms: animated
3. [ noun ] Last name, frequency rank in the U.S. is 2819
4. [ adjective ] rebounds readily
Synonyms: live resilient springy whippy bouncy

"clean bouncy hair" "a lively tennis ball" "as resiliant as seasoned hickory" "springy turf"

Related terms: elastic
5. [ adjective ] quick and energetic
Synonyms: brisk snappy rattling spanking zippy merry

"a brisk walk in the park" "a lively gait" "a merry chase" "traveling at a rattling rate" "a snappy pace" "a spanking breeze"

Related terms: energetic
6. [ adjective ] full of zest or vigor
Synonyms: racy

"a racy literary style"

Related terms: spirited
7. [ adjective ] filled with events or activity

"a lively period in history"

Related terms: eventful
8. [ adjective ] characterized by energetic activity

"a lively baby"

Related terms: active
Similar spelling:   Liebl