1. [ adjective ] displaying animation, vigor, or liveliness
Related terms: spiritless ebullient vibrant impertinent lively dashing snappy hoyden sprightly zestful boisterous mettlesome resilient feisty con_brio enthusiastic lively energetic animation
2. [ adjective ] willing to face danger
Synonyms: gamy gamey gritty mettlesome spunky game
Related terms: brave
3. [ adjective ] marked by lively action
Synonyms: bouncy peppy zippy bouncing

"a bouncing gait" "bouncy tunes" "the peppy and interesting talk" "a spirited dance"

Related terms: lively
4. [ adjective ] made lively or spirited
Synonyms: enlivened

"a meal enlivened by the music" "a spirited debate"

Related terms: animated
Similar spelling:   spiritedly