1. [ noun ] a domain in which something is dominant
Synonyms: realm land

"the untroubled kingdom of reason" "a land of make-believe" "the rise of the realm of cotton in the south"

Related terms: sphere lotus_land
2. [ noun ] (government,geography) a country with a king as head of state
Related terms: country UK israel
3. [ noun ] (geography) the domain ruled by a king or queen
Synonyms: realm
Related terms: domain numidia
4. [ noun ] (biology) one of seven biological categories: Monera or Protoctista or Plantae or Fungi or Animalia
Related terms: taxonomic_group Animalia Monera Metazoa Plantae Protoctista Parazoa Plantae Fungi phylum
5. [ noun ] (politics) a monarchy with a king or queen as head of state
Related terms: monarchy
6. [ noun ] a basic group of natural objects
Related terms: group mineral_kingdom
Similar spelling:   kingwood