1. [ noun ] any spherically shaped artifact
Related terms: artifact globe
2. [ noun ] a particular environment or walk of life
Synonyms: area field domain arena orbit

"his social sphere is limited" "it was a closed area of employment" "he's out of my orbit"

Related terms: environment front kingdom province political_arena preserve lap distaff
3. [ noun ] (geography) the geographical area in which one nation is very influential
Synonyms: sphere_of_influence
Related terms: geographical_area
4. [ noun ] a particular aspect of life or activity
Synonyms: sector

"he was helpless in an important sector of his life"

Related terms: aspect department
5. [ noun ] (geometry) a three-dimensional closed surface such that every point on the surface is equidistant from the center
Related terms: round_shape steradian
6. [ noun ] a solid figure bounded by a spherical surface (including the space it encloses)
Related terms: round_shape ball conglobation
7. [ noun ] the apparent surface of the imaginary sphere on which celestial bodies appear to be projected
Synonyms: heavens empyrean firmament vault_of_heaven welkin celestial_sphere
Related terms: surface sky zenith celestial_point zodiac nadir apex
Similar spelling:   spree