1. [ noun ] an event that causes someone to die
Synonyms: violent_death
Related terms: fatality kill
2. [ noun ] the act of terminating a life
Synonyms: kill putting_to_death
Related terms: termination murder death shooting slaughter suicide suffocation massacre homicide sacrifice immolation fell genocide manslaughter euthanasia deathblow electrocution decapitation lynching poisoning dispatch regicide kill kill
3. [ adjective ] (informal) very funny
Synonyms: sidesplitting

"a killing joke" "sidesplitting antics"

Related terms: colloquialism humorous
4. [ adjective ] having a debilitating effect
Synonyms: exhausting draining

"a killing job in the hot sun"

Related terms: debilitating
5. [ noun ] (informal) a very large profit
Synonyms: cleanup
Related terms: net_income colloquialism
Similar spelling:   Killings