1. [ noun ] (rhetoric) the patterns of stress and intonation in a language
Synonyms: prosody
Related terms: manner_of_speaking stress intonation rhythm caesura enjambement inflect
2. [ noun ] (grammar) a change in the form of a word (usually by adding a suffix) to indicate a change in its grammatical function
Synonyms: inflexion
Related terms: grammatical_relation paradigm conjugation declension inflect
3. [ noun ] deviation from a straight or normal course
Synonyms: flexion flection
Related terms: deviation
4. [ noun ] (rhetoric) a manner of speaking in which the loudness or pitch or tone of the voice is modified
Synonyms: modulation
Related terms: manner_of_speaking inflect
5. [ noun ] the act of bending something
Synonyms: bending flex flexion flection bend
Related terms: change_of_shape crouch flexion incurvation hunch
Similar spelling:   inflectional