1. [ verb ] apply oneself to
Synonyms: apply utilize

"Please apply yourself to your homework"

Related terms: use give change work misapply application implementation
2. [ verb ] pursue to a conclusion or bring to a successful issue
Synonyms: carry_out put_through go_through follow_out follow_up follow_through

"Did he go through with the treatment?" "He implemented a new economic plan" "She followed up his recommendations with a written proposal"

Related terms: complete adhere carry_through execution follow-up follow-up follow-up
3. [ verb ] ensure observance of laws and rules
Synonyms: enforce apply

"Apply the rules to everyone";

Related terms: exempt compel run clamp_down execute enforcement
4. [ noun ] instrumentation (a piece of equipment or tool) used to effect an end
Related terms: instrumentality tool brush stick bar utensil rod snuffer needle flail oar fire_iron eraser spear hook cleaning_implement sharpener beater swab spike sports_implement tuning_fork iron swatter leather_strip stirrer candlesnuffer writing_implement buff strickle carpet_beater
Similar spelling:   implemented