1. [ adjective ] marked by or given to imitation

"acting is an imitative art" "man is an imitative being"

Related terms: nonimitative parrotlike mimetic simulated mimic apish
2. [ adjective ] (of words) formed in imitation of a natural sound
Synonyms: onomatopoeic onomatopoeical onomatopoetic echoic

"onomatopoeic words are imitative of noises" "it was independently developed in more than one place as an onomatopoetic term"- Harry Hoijer

Related terms: nonechoic
3. [ adjective ] not genuine; imitating something superior
Synonyms: counterfeit

"counterfeit emotion" "counterfeit money" "counterfeit works of art" "a counterfeit prince"

Related terms: genuine pseudo bogus assumed mock inauthentic pinchbeck bad base synthetic ostensible false artificial unreal insincere
Similar spelling:   imitate