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Definition of homocide

"Homocide" is probably misspelled. Trying homicide instead Definition of homicide

1. homicide [ n ] the killing of a human being by another human being

Synonyms homicide Related Terms killing murder shooting regicide honor_killing manslaughter

2. homicide [ n ] unlawful premeditated killing of a human being by a human being

Used in print:

(Breni James, Nights of the Kill....)

He sucked_in his breath and kept quiet while Killpath laid down the sheet again , wound the gold wire stems of his glasses around his ears and_then , eying the report as it lay before him on the desk , intoned , `` Acting_Lieutenant_Gunnar_Matson one failed to see that the station_keeper was properly relieved two absented himself throughout the entire watch without checking on the station 's activities or the whereabouts of his section sergeants three permitted members of the Homicide_Detail of the Inspector's_Bureau to arrogate for their own convenience a patrolman who was thereby prevented from carrying_on his proper assignment four failed to notify the station commander Acting_Captain_O._T._Killpath of a homicide occurring in the district five frequented extralegal establishments known_as after-hours spots for purposes of an unofficial and purportedly social nature and six '' - he leaned_back and peeled_off his glasses `` - failed to co-operate with the Acting_Captain by returning promptly when so ordered .

Synonyms murder homicide execution slaying Related Terms killing bloodshed shoot-down massacre thuggee assassination elimination dry-gulching fratricide slaughter parricide infanticide hit tyrannicide contract_killing lynching execute

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