1. [ verb ] drop a hint; intimate by a hint
Synonyms: suggest
Related terms: convey intimate allude clue_in suggestion
2. [ noun ] a slight indication
Synonyms: clue
Related terms: indication
3. [ noun ] an indirect suggestion
Synonyms: breath intimation

"not a breath of scandal ever touched her"

Related terms: suggestion suggest
4. [ noun ] a small but appreciable amount
Synonyms: mite speck touch jot soupcon tinge pinch

"this dish could use a touch of garlic"

Related terms: small_indefinite_quantity snuff
5. [ noun ] a just detectable amount
Synonyms: trace suggestion

"he speaks French with a trace of an accent"

Related terms: small_indefinite_quantity spark trace
6. [ noun ] an indication of potential opportunity
Synonyms: tip confidential_information steer wind lead

"he got a tip on the stock market" "a good lead for a job"

Related terms: guidance
Similar spelling:   hind