1. [ adjective ] arousing or provoking laughter
Synonyms: comic laughable comical mirthful risible amusing

"an amusing film" "an amusing fellow" "a comic hat" "a comical look of surprise" "funny stories that made everybody laugh" "a very funny writer" "a mirthful experience" "risible courtroom antics"

Related terms: humorous
2. [ adjective ] beyond or deviating from the usual or expected
Synonyms: curious queer peculiar odd singular rummy rum

"a curious hybrid accent" "her speech has a funny twang" "had an odd name" "the peculiar aromatic odor of cloves" "something definitely queer about this town" "what a rum fellow" "singular behavior"

Related terms: strange
3. [ adjective ] (informal) not as expected
Synonyms: suspect queer suspicious shady fishy

"there was something fishy about the accident" "up to some funny business" "some definitely queer goings-on" "a shady deal" "her motives were suspect" "suspicious behavior"

Related terms: colloquialism questionable
4. [ adverb ] in a strange manner
Synonyms: strangely oddly funnily queerly

"a queerly inscribed sheet of paper" "he acted kind of funny"

Related terms: strange curious curious curious curious
5. [ adverb ] in a comical manner
Synonyms: comically

"she acted comically"

Related terms: amusing amusing
6. [ adjective ] experiencing odd bodily sensations

"told the doctor about the funny sensations in her chest"

Related terms: ill
Similar spelling:   fun