1. [ noun ] a barrier that serves to enclose an area
Synonyms: fencing
Related terms: barrier hedge stone_wall rail_fence wall backstop picket_fence weir chainlink_fence fence_line wall
2. [ verb ] enclose with a fence
Synonyms: fence_in

"we fenced in our yard"

Related terms: enclose
3. [ verb ] surround with a wall in order to fortify
Synonyms: palisade fence_in surround wall
Related terms: protect stockade circumvallate wall_in wall_in wall rampart environment wall
4. [ verb ] (sport) fight with fencing swords
Related terms: fight parry fencer
5. [ verb ] have an argument about something
Synonyms: argue contend debate
Related terms: converse oppose quarrel quibble spar stickle controversy debater disagree
6. [ verb ] receive stolen goods
Related terms: receive
7. [ noun ] (informal) a dealer in stolen property
Related terms: trader colloquialism
Similar spelling:   Fennic