1. [ verb ] be against; express opposition to

"We oppose the ban on abortion"

Related terms: argue contest resistance
2. [ verb ] fight against or resist strongly
Synonyms: fight defend fight_down fight_back

"The senator said he would oppose the bill" "Don't fight it!"

Related terms: fight resist repel resist recalcitrate combatant confrontation fighter
3. [ verb ] place in opposition: can also be used in an abstract sense
Synonyms: counterbalance

"Oppose thy steadfast gazing eyes to mine"- Shakespeare

Related terms: contrast counterweight counterweight
4. [ verb ] set into opposition or rivalry
Synonyms: pit play_off match

"let them match their best athletes against ours" "pit a chess player against the Russian champion" "He plays his two children off against each other"

Related terms: confront playoff
5. [ verb ] act against or in opposition to
Synonyms: react

"She reacts negatively to everything I say"

Related terms: act pursue buck backfire adversary
6. [ verb ] be resistant to
Synonyms: contradict controvert

"The board opposed his motion."

Related terms: refute protest veto adversary
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