1. [ verb ] (food) provide as food

"Feed the guests the nuts"

Related terms: provide feeding
2. [ noun ] (food) food for domestic livestock
Synonyms: provender
Related terms: food creep_feed eatage slop cud mast silage oil_cake cattle_cake mash fodder bird_food petfood feed_grain corn_gluten_feed fish_meal blood_meal
3. [ verb ] (food) give food to
Synonyms: give grub

"Feed the starving children in India" "don't give the child this tough meat"

Related terms: starve provide nutrify overfeed fodder force-feed inject spoonfeed slop dine lunch breakfast regurgitate breastfeed bottlefeed corn graze undernourish crop scavenge feeding eat
4. [ verb ] feed into; supply

"Her success feeds her vanity"

Related terms: supply feeder
5. [ verb ] introduce continuously; as into a machine or processor
Synonyms: feed_in

: "feed carrots into a food processor"

Related terms: insert self-feeder
6. [ verb ] (food) take in food; used of animals only
Synonyms: eat

: "This dog doesn't eat certain kinds of meat" "What do whales eat?"

Related terms: consume crop raven victual suckle forage eat eating
7. [ verb ] support or promote

"His admiration fed her vanity"

Related terms: promote
8. [ verb ] (food) serve as food for; be the food for

"This dish feeds six"

Related terms: provide
9. [ verb ] profit from in an exploitatory manner
Synonyms: prey

"He feeds on her insecurity"

Related terms: exploit prey
10. [ verb ] (food) gratify
Synonyms: feast

"feed one's eye on a gorgeous view"

Related terms: regale feast
11. [ verb ] move along, of liquids
Synonyms: flow run course

"Water flowed into the cave" "the Missouri feeds into the Mississippi"

Related terms: move seep pour drain eddy flush run_down trickle tide spill circulate jet gutter spill waste stream be_due overflow flow course discharge
12. [ verb ] (agriculture) provide with fertilizers or add nutrients to; in agriculture and gardening
Synonyms: fertilize fertilise

"We should fertilize soil if we want to grow healthy plants"

Related terms: enrich nitrify dung topdress farming
Similar spelling:   Fed