1. [ verb ] cause to be firmly attached
Synonyms: fix secure

"fasten the lock onto the door" "she fixed her gaze on the man"

Related terms: unfasten attach tie hang screw lock clamp sew lodge anchor clinch lock_up tack bind anchor hook latch zip_up bar picket pin rig wire buckle entrench cable bitt hasp spike moor clinch moor string belt crank grout button chock noose cinch rope_up cement bight staple rivet brad belay belay cramp hang stake coapt cleat brooch joint trench stay joggle velcro toggle chain garter strap fastener fastener fastening
2. [ verb ] become fixed or fastened

"This dress fastens in the back"

Related terms: unfasten attach glue stick stick fastener
3. [ verb ] attach to

"They fastened various nicknames to each other"

Related terms: attach
4. [ verb ] make tight or tighter
Synonyms: tighten

"Tighten the wire"

Related terms: change screw wind frap screw wind tauten tightening
Similar spelling:   fastener