1. [ noun ] an agenda of things to do
Synonyms: menu

"they worked rapidly down the menu of reports"

Related terms: agenda
2. [ verb ] proceed or get along
Synonyms: do get_along make_out come

"How is she doing in her new job?" "How are you making out in graduate school?" "He's come a long way"

Related terms: proceed
3. [ noun ] (accounting,business) the sum charged for riding in a public conveyance
Synonyms: transportation
Related terms: charge train_fare cab_fare airfare bus_fare
4. [ verb ] (politics,food) eat well
Related terms: eat
5. [ noun ] (transportation) a paying (taxi) passenger
Related terms: passenger
6. [ noun ] (food) the food and drink that are regularly consumed
Related terms: food diet ration board chow menu dietary diet
Similar spelling:   Faire