1. [ verb ] force to leave or move out
Synonyms: throw_out kick_out

"He was expelled from his native country"

Related terms: move banish extradite suspend banish expatriate banish ejection
2. [ verb ] put out or expel from a place
Synonyms: throw_out eject turn_out kick_out turf_out boot_out exclude chuck_out

"The child was expelled from the classroom"

Related terms: move exorcise bounce evict evict show_the_door dislodge ejection
3. [ verb ] remove from a position or office
Synonyms: oust throw_out drum_out kick_out boot_out

"The chairman was ousted after he misappropriated funds"

Related terms: remove depose excommunicate ejection
4. [ verb ] cause to flee
Synonyms: rout rout_out

"rout out the fighters from their caves"

Related terms: overcome
5. [ verb ] eliminate, as of bodily substances
Synonyms: release eject discharge
Related terms: shed_blood blow emit excrete spew ovulate abort expectorate fester evacuate ejaculate release expulsion discharge
Similar spelling:   explore