1. [ verb ] force to leave or move out
Synonyms: expel kick_out

"He was expelled from his native country"

Related terms: move banish extradite suspend banish expatriate banish ejection
2. [ verb ] put out or expel from a place
Synonyms: eject turn_out expel kick_out exclude boot_out turf_out chuck_out

"The child was expelled from the classroom"

Related terms: move exorcise bounce evict evict show_the_door dislodge ejection
3. [ verb ] throw or cast away
Synonyms: throw_away discard dispose toss_away cast_aside toss put_away cast_out cast_away toss_out chuck_out fling

"Put away your worries"

Related terms: get_rid_of dump abandon sell_out trash retire waste deep-six jettison de-access unlearn close_out disposal discard discard
4. [ verb ] remove from a position or office
Synonyms: oust drum_out kick_out expel boot_out

"The chairman was ousted after he misappropriated funds"

Related terms: remove depose excommunicate ejection
5. [ verb ] bring forward for consideration or acceptance
Synonyms: advance

"advance an argument"

Related terms: propose
6. [ verb ] cease to consider; put out of judicial consideration
Synonyms: dismiss

: "This case is dismissed!"

Related terms: judgment_of_dismissal
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