1. [ noun ] (pharmacology) a substance that is used as a medicine or narcotic
Related terms: agent artifact medicine psychoactive_drug pentylenetetrazol stimulant fertility_drug antisyphilitic anesthetic fergon anti-tnf_compound anit-impotence_drug appetite_suppressant decongestant generic_drug dilator brand-name_drug feosol antagonist intoxicant narcotic diuretic_drug controlled_substance morphine relaxant agonist levallorphan abortifacient mydriatic drug_of_abuse synergist pentoxifylline soporific psychotropic_agent pharmacopoeia uninjectable orally active_transport drop take_a_hit magic_bullet anaphylaxis injectable generic potentiate
2. [ verb ] administer a drug to
Synonyms: dose

"They drugged the kidnapped tourist"

Related terms: medicate narcotize overdose anesthetize poison dope medicine sedation
3. [ verb ] use recreational drugs
Synonyms: do_drugs
Related terms: consume free-base inject dope take_a_hit trip
Similar spelling:   dreg