1. [ verb ] refuse to acknowledge
Synonyms: ignore snub cut

"She cut him dead at the meeting"

Related terms: treat snub
2. [ verb ] bar from attention or consideration
Synonyms: dismiss ignore discount brush_aside push_aside brush_off

"She dismissed his advances"

Related terms: reject neglect scoff shrug_off pass_off laugh_off discredit cold-shoulder turn_a_blind_eye disoblige brush-off
3. [ noun ] lack of attention and due care
Synonyms: neglect
Related terms: inattention omission neglect
4. [ noun ] lack of care and attention
Synonyms: neglect
Related terms: mistreatment despite neglect
5. [ verb ] give little or no attention to
Synonyms: ignore neglect cold-shoulder slight

"Disregard the errors"

Related terms: dismiss disrespect pretermit
6. [ noun ] letting pass without notice
Synonyms: pretermission
Related terms: omission despite pretermit
Similar spelling:   disregarded