1. [ verb ] release from entanglement of difficulty
Synonyms: extricate disencumber untangle

"i cannot extricate myself from this task"

Related terms: free unsnarling
2. [ verb ] extricate from entanglement
Synonyms: straighten_out unsnarl

"Can you disentangle the cord?"

Related terms: entangle entangle order tease ravel unsnarling
3. [ verb ] free from involvement or entanglement
Synonyms: disembroil disinvolve

"How can I disentangle myself from her personal affairs?"

Related terms: free unsnarling
4. [ verb ] separate the tangles of
Synonyms: unwind
Related terms: undo roll_out uncoil unsnarling
5. [ verb ] smoothen and neaten with or as with a comb
Synonyms: comb comb_out

"comb your hair before dinner" "comb the wool"

Related terms: groom slick tease comb unsnarling comb
Similar spelling:   disentangler