1. [ verb ] reverse the winding or twisting of
Synonyms: unroll wind_off

"unwind a ball of yarn"

Related terms: wind move
2. [ verb ] become less tense
Synonyms: relax unbend unstrain decompress slow_down make_relaxed loosen_up unlax

"He relaxed in the hot tub"

Related terms: tense tense change_state affect sit_back unbend vege_out relaxer relaxant decompress
3. [ verb ] separate the tangles of
Synonyms: disentangle
Related terms: undo roll_out uncoil unsnarling
4. [ verb ] become less tense, rest, or take one's ease
Synonyms: relax loosen_up slow_down unbend decompress

"He relaxed in the hot tub" "Let's all relax after a hard day's work"

Related terms: change_state sit_back vege_out relaxation
5. [ verb ] cause to feel relaxed
Synonyms: relax loosen_up unlax make_relaxed unstrain

"A hot bath always relaxes me"

Related terms: tense tense affect unbend relax
Similar spelling:   unwinding