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Definition of deliciosa

"deliciosa" is probably misspelled. Trying Delicious instead Definition of Delicious

1. delicious [ a ] greatly pleasing or entertaining
Examples: "a delightful surprise" "the comedy was delightful" "a delicious joke"

Used in print:

(High Fidelity, 11:10...)

Every detail in his interpretation has been beautifully thought_out , and of these I would especially cite the delicious landler touch the pianist brings to the fifth variation ( an obvious indication that he is playing with Viennese musicians ) , and the gossamer shading throughout .

Synonyms delightful delicious Related Terms pleasing

2. delicious [ a ] extremely pleasing to the sense of taste

Synonyms delicious pleasant-tasting luscious scrumptious toothsome yummy delectable Related Terms tasteful

3. Delicious [ n ] variety of sweet eating apples

Synonyms Delicious Related Terms eating_apple Red_Delicious Golden_Delicious

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