1. [ noun ] the quality of being beautiful and delicate in appearance
Synonyms: fineness daintiness

"the daintiness of her touch" "the fineness of her features"

Related terms: elegance
2. [ noun ] (food) something considered choice to eat
Synonyms: goody kickshaw treat dainty
Related terms: nutriment gelatin choice_morsel sweet ambrosia savory marrow regale
3. [ noun ] lack of physical strength
Synonyms: fragility
Related terms: weakness
4. [ noun ] smallness of stature
Synonyms: slightness
Related terms: smallness
5. [ noun ] (psychology) refined taste; tact
Synonyms: discretion
Related terms: taste
6. [ noun ] subtly skillful handling of a situation
Synonyms: diplomacy finesse discreetness
Related terms: tact
7. [ noun ] lightness in movement or manner
Synonyms: airiness
Related terms: liveliness
Similar spelling:   delegacy