1. [ adjective ] slightly wet
Synonyms: moist dampish

"clothes damp with perspiration" "a moist breeze" "eyes moist with tears"

Related terms: wet
2. [ verb ] lessen in force or effect
Synonyms: soften break weaken dampen

"soften a shock" "break a fall"

Related terms: deaden deafen weakener
3. [ verb ] deaden (a sound or noise), esp. by wrapping
Synonyms: mute dull dampen tone_down muffle
Related terms: soften silencer damper
4. [ verb ] quieten or silence (a sound) or make (an image) less visible
Synonyms: stifle deaden smother strangle tone_down muffle repress mute dampen
Related terms: suppress hush smotherer
5. [ verb ] restrain or discourage

"the sudden bad news damped the joyous atmosphere"

Related terms: control damper
6. [ verb ] make vague or obscure or make (an image) less visible
Synonyms: deaden dampen

"muffle the message"

Related terms: dampen damper
7. [ noun ] a slight wetness
Synonyms: moistness dampness
Related terms: wetness dankness
Similar spelling:   dam_up