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Definition of composedy

"composedy" is probably misspelled. Trying composed instead Definition of composed

1. composed [ a ] made up of individual elements
Examples: "if perception is seen as composed of isolated sense data..."

Used in print:

(Handbook of Federal Aids to Communities. U.S. Dep...)

The system is composed of three credit services , Federal_Land_Banks and National_Farm_Loan_Associations , Federal_Intermediate ( short-term ) Credit_Banks , and Banks_for_Cooperatives .

(James A. Ibers et al., "Proton magnetic resonance...)

Electron_microscopic examination of the **f sample showed it to be composed of nearly isotropic particles about 0.3 lm in diameter .

(B. J. D. Meeuse, The Story of Pollination....)

Each male willow catkin is composed of a large_number of small flowers .

(Richard F. McLaughlin, et al., "A study of the...)

The most distal airways are similar to those found in type 1 , , being composed of numerous , apparently true terminal bronchioles and occasional , poorly developed respiratory bronchioles ( figs. 14 , 15 ) .

(Frederick Mosteller et al., Probability with...)

Some experiments are composed of repetitions of independent trials , each with two possible outcomes .

Synonyms composed Related Terms combined

2. composed [ a ] serenely self-possessed and free from agitation especially in times of stress
Examples: "the performer seemed completely composed as she stepped onto the stage" "I felt calm and more composed than I had in a long time"

Used in print:

(Joyce O. Hertzler, American Social Institutions;...)

If the inner functions of religion are performed , the individual is a composed , ordered , motivated , and emotionally secure associate ; he is not greatly frustrated , and he is not anomic ; he is better fitted to perform his social life among his fellows .

Synonyms composed Related Terms discomposed calm cool collected unflurried imperturbable dignified unagitated

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