1. [ verb ] (clothing) provide with clothes or put clothes on
Synonyms: dress clothe habilitate raiment garb garment tog fit_out enclothe

"Parents must feed and dress their child"

Related terms: undress change_state shirt coat costume vest frock cover prim corset shoe overdress uniform gown habit vesture jacket dress clothing attire dressing
2. [ noun ] (clothing) clothing in general
Synonyms: clothes wearing_apparel dress

"she was refined in her choice of apparel" "he always bought his clothes at the same store" "fastidious about his dress"

Related terms: clothing dress preen
3. [ noun ] (clothing) covering designed to be worn on a person's body
Synonyms: clothes clothing wearing_apparel wear article_of_clothing vesture
Related terms: covering consumer_goods uniform blue garment attire gray accessory sweat_suit street_clothes brace wardrobe headdress change work-clothing handwear civilian_clothing beachwear leisure_wear array knitwear nightclothes neckpiece drag outerwear black protective_garment slops slip-on lounger togs G-string footwear sportswear wear vest vesture
Similar spelling:   appareled