1. [ noun ] (clothing) a short coat
Related terms: coat lounging_jacket bush_jacket blazer bolero doublet dolman donkey_jacket dressing_sack bomber_jacket bed_jacket sack single-breasted_jacket double-breasted_jacket jumper jerkin mess_jacket Norfolk_jacket parka pea_jacket mao_jacket lumber_jacket hug-me-tight swallow-tailed_coat Eton_jacket banyan
2. [ noun ] an outer wrapping or casing

"phonograph records were sold in cardboard jackets"

Related terms: wrapping book_jacket record_jacket
3. [ noun ] (dentistry) an artificial crown fitted over a broken or decayed tooth
Synonyms: jacket_crown
Related terms: crown dentistry
4. [ verb ] provide with a thermally non-conducting cover

"The tubing needs to be jacketed"

Related terms: cover
5. [ verb ] (clothing) put a jacket on

"The men were jacketed"

Related terms: dress
6. [ noun ] (food) the outer skin of a potato
Related terms: peel potato
7. [ noun ] the tough metal shell casing for certain kinds of ammunition
Related terms: shell
Similar spelling:   Jaskot