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Definition of zine

"zine" is probably misspelled. Trying magazine instead Definition of magazine

1. magazine [ n ] a periodic paperback publication
Examples: "it takes several years before a magazine starts to break even or make money"

Used in print:

(Rocky Mountains News, [Denver, Colorado],...)

Ritchie walked up to him at the magazine stand .

(The Times-Picayune, [New Orleans]...)

If he can't play with Mommy 's magazines , he should have some old numbers of his own .


Friends , a picture magazine distributed by Chevrolet dealers , describes a paramilitary_organization of employees of the Gulf_Telephone_Company at Foley , Alabama .

(John Dos Passos, Midcentury....)

Pat had been worried as hell ever since she 'd lost her job on that fashion magazine .

(Evan Esar, Humorous English; a guide to comic ,...)

`` It was only the other day that I saw something of yours , about something or other , in some magazine '' .

Synonyms magazine mag Related Terms publication press comic pulp colour_supplement slick trade_magazine magazine_article center_spread feature

2. magazine [ n ] product consisting of a paperback periodic publication as a physical object
Examples: "tripped over a pile of magazines"

Used in print:

(The Family Fallout Shelter. Office of Civil and Defence...)

If there is time after the warning , the basement shielding could be improved substantially by blocking windows with bricks , dirt , books , magazines , or other heavy material .

(Alex Gordon, The Cipher....)

He peered in the boxes themselves ; all were empty except one , and that one was jammed with letters and magazines .

Synonyms magazine Related Terms product

3. magazine [ n ] a business firm that publishes magazines
Examples: "he works for a magazine"

Used in print:

(Brainard Cheney, "Christianity and the Tragic Vision-Ut...)

The earlier of them was an unofficial enterprise , sponsored by Life magazine , under the title of the National purpose .

Synonyms magazine magazine_publisher Related Terms publisher

4. magazine [ n ] a light-tight supply chamber holding the film and supplying it for exposure as required

Synonyms cartridge magazine Related Terms supply_chamber camera

5. magazine [ n ] a storehouse (as a compartment on a warship) where weapons and ammunition are stored

Synonyms powder_store powder_magazine magazine Related Terms storehouse

6. magazine [ n ] a metal frame or container holding cartridges; can be inserted into an automatic gun

Synonyms clip cartridge_clip magazine cartridge_holder Related Terms supply_chamber pincurl_clip gun

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