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"wor" is probably misspelled. Trying worry instead Definition of worry

1. worry [ v ] be worried, concerned, anxious, troubled, or uneasy
Examples: "I worry about my job"

Used in print:

(St. Louis Post-Dispatch,...)

We 'd be losing at halftime to a good team and Hartweger would say , ' Do n't worry , Coach - we 'll get 'em all_right '' ' .

(Mr. America, 4:6...)

But do n't worry .

(Jack Kaplan, "The Health Machine Menace: Therapy by...)

`` Do n't you worry .

But as_long_as you can have treatment from my machine you have nothing to worry about .

(Irving Stone, The Agony and the Ecstasy....)

By the second day Michelangelo began to worry ; and by the second night he was in a state of panic : he could see nothing out of the afflicted eye .

Synonyms worry Related Terms fear fuss fret obsess concern troublesomeness

2. worry [ v ] be concerned with
Examples: "I worry about my grades"

Used in print:

(Philip Reaves, "Who Rules the Marriage Bed?"...)

Too many husbands , Dr._Schillinger continues , worry about `` how well they 're doing '' , and fear that their success depends_on some trick or technique of sexual play .

(Peter J. White, "Report on Laos"...)

The American newspaperman worried about getting to the cable office .

(Dan McLachlan, Jr., "Communication Networks and...)

Alexander_the_Great , who used runners as message carriers , did not have to worry about having every officer in his command hear what he said and having hundreds of them comment at_once .

(George Harmon Coxe, Error of Judgement....)

Right now , however , he was still too worried about Jerry_Burton , and the gun that had no bullets , and the story Burton had told him , to care too_much about Tony_Calenda .

(Samuel Elkin, "The Ball Player," Nugget, 6: 5...)

`` I 'm not worried about it '' , Phil said .

Synonyms worry care Related Terms mind brood concern concern

3. worry [ v ] disturb the peace of mind of; afflict with mental agitation or distress
Examples: "I cannot sleep--my daughter's health is worrying me"

Used in print:

(Morley Callaghan, A Passion in Rome....)

Why are you trying to worry me '' ?

`` I 'm not trying to worry you '' .

Her words remained with him , worrying him for hours .

(Edward Streeter, The Chairman of the Bored....)

It worried him , this inability to get the simplest things done in the course of a day .

Synonyms worry vex Related Terms reassure perturb eat nag misgive badgering

4. worry [ n ] something or someone that causes anxiety; a source of unhappiness
Examples: "New York traffic is a constant concern" "it's a major worry"

Used in print:

(Frank Oppenheimer, "Science and Fear-- A Discussion...)

The frequently postulated antique worry that the daylight hours might dwindle to complete darkness apparently gave_rise to a ritual and celebration which we still recognize .

(Clayton C. Barbeau, The Ikon....)

The monk who opened the door immediately calmed his worries about his reception : `` I speak English '' , the old_man said , `` but I do not hear it very_well '' .

(David Stacton, The Judges of the Secret Court....)

If he had any worries , it was only the small ones , about Mother in New_York , and his daughter Edwina and what she might be doing at this hour , with her Aunt_Asia , in Philadelphia .

(John Cheever, "The Brigadier and the Golf Widow,"...)

Then he played nine imaginary holes of golf , choosing his handicap , his irons , his stance , his opponents , and his weather in_detail , but the green of the links seemed faded in the light of his business worries .

His worries harried him up out of bed , and he lighted a cigarette and went to the window .

Synonyms worry headache concern vexation Related Terms negative_stimulus business burden bugaboo concern

5. worry [ n ] a strong feeling of anxiety
Examples: "his worry over the prospect of being fired" "it is not work but worry that kills" "he wanted to die and end his troubles"

Used in print:

(Irving Stone, The Agony and the Ecstasy....)

Though this sculpture must take_place thirty-three years after her moment of decision , he could not conceive_of her as a woman in her mid-fifties , old , wrinkled , broken in body and face by labor or worry .

(Ann Hebson, The Lattimer Legend....)

She was taken_up in worry for the reckless old_man .

(John Cheever, "The Brigadier and the Golf Widow,"...)

He was tired , he had his business worries , and the sight of his wife arranging pork_chops in the broiler only seemed like an extension of a boring day .

Synonyms worry distress trouble Related Terms anxiety perturb

6. worry [ v ] think moodily or anxiously about something

Used in print:

(Francis Pollini, Night....)

It always came_on , faithfully , just like a radio or juke_box , whenever he started to worry too_much about something , when the bad things tried to push their way into him .

Synonyms brood dwell worry Related Terms chew_over dwell_on

7. worry [ v ] be on the mind of
Examples: "I worry about the second Germanic consonant"

Synonyms concern interest occupy worry Related Terms preoccupy interest occupation

8. worry [ v ] touch or rub constantly
Examples: "The old man worried his beads"

Synonyms worry Related Terms rub

9. worry [ v ] lacerate by biting
Examples: "the dog worried his bone"

Synonyms worry Related Terms incise

10. worry [ v ] be concerned with or about something or somebody

Synonyms mind worry Related Terms think_about mind

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