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Definition of wonderous

"wonderous" is probably misspelled. Trying wondrous instead Definition of wondrous

1. wondrous [ a ] extraordinarily good; used especially as intensifiers
Examples: "a fantastic trip to the Orient" "the film was fantastic!" "a howling success" "a marvelous collection of rare books" "had a rattling conversation about politics" "a tremendous achievement"

Synonyms wonderful tremendous fantastic marvelous wondrous terrific marvellous rattling howling Related Terms extraordinary

2. wondrous [ r ] (used as an intensifier) extremely well
Examples: "her voice is superbly disciplined" "the colors changed wondrously slowly"

Synonyms wondrously wonderfully superbly marvelously toppingly terrifically marvellously wondrous Related Terms intensifier fantastic fantastic fantastic fantastic brilliant top-flight fantastic brilliant

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