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Definition of witnesseth

"witnesseth" is probably misspelled. Trying witness instead Definition of witness

1. witness [ v ] be a witness to

Used in print:

(Edwin L. Bigelow and Nancy H. Otis,...)

These were the years when people flocked to Manchester not_only to play golf , which had come into vogue , but also to witness the Ekwanok Country_Club tournaments .

(W. E. B. DuBois, Worlds of Color....)

Wilson , on his first Sunday , witnessed this with something like disgust .

(Bruce Palmer, "My Brother's Keeper", Many Are...)

What made him think John had a right to witness his brother 's humiliation ?

(Frieda Arkin, "The Light of the Sea," in The...)

It was not as_though she noted clearly that her nephews had not been to see her for ten years , not since their last journey eastward to witness their Uncle_Izaak being lowered into the rocky soil ; that aside from due notification of certain major events in their lives ( two marriages , two births , one divorce ) , Christmas and Easter_cards of the traditional sort had been the only thin link she had with them through the widowed years .

(E. Lucas Myers, "The Vindication of Dr. Nestor,"...)

One part of her audience was totally engaged , the connoisseur witnessing a peculiarly fine performance of some ancient classic , the other part , the guest of the connoisseur , attentive as one who must take an intelligent interest in_that which he does not fully understand .

Synonyms witness Related Terms watch

2. witness [ v ] perceive with any or all of one's senses
Examples: "We found Republicans winning the offices" "You'll see a lot of cheating in this school" give rise to or be characterized by "The 1960 saw the rebellion of the younger generation" "I want to see results"

Used in print:

(Nathan Rapport, ""I've Been Here before!"...)

I can n't tell when , but I'm positive I witnessed this same scene of this particular gathering at some time in the past '' !

Synonyms see find witness Related Terms experience catch learn find spectator

3. witness [ n ] someone who sees an event and reports what happened

Used in print:

(The Dallas Morning News,...)

But questions with which committee_members taunted bankers appearing as witnesses left little doubt that they will recommend passage of_it .

(Jim Berry Pearson, The Maxwell Land Grant....)

`` Litigants and witnesses were put to the expense and inconvenience of going long distances to transact business ; public money spent ; justice delayed ; nothing accomplished , and the whole distribution of justice in this county seems to be an absolute farce '' .

(Evan Esar, Humorous English; a guide to comic ,...)

When a witness at court was asked if he had been kicked in the ensuing rumpus , he replied , `` No , it was in the stomach '' .

Synonyms witness witnesser informant Related Terms perceiver speaker attestant testifier

4. witness [ n ] a close observer; someone who looks at something (such as an exhibition of some kind)
Examples: "the spectators applauded the performance" "television viewers" "sky watchers discovered a new star"

Used in print:

(Jack Kaplan, "The Health Machine Menace: Therapy by...)

`` Unfortunately '' , says Chief_Postal_Inspector_David_H._Stephens , who has prosecuted many device quacks , `` the ghouls who trade on the hopes of the desperately ill often cannot be successfully prosecuted because the patients who are the chief witnesses die before the case is called_up in court '' .

(Irving Stone, The Agony and the Ecstasy....)

Those who saw his finished Pieta would take the place of the biblical witnesses .

Synonyms spectator witness viewer watcher looker Related Terms perceiver onlooker moviegoer playgoer rubberneck cheerer ogler voyeur browser spy eyewitness standee bystander starer look watch spectate

5. witness [ n ] testimony by word or deed to your religious faith

Used in print:

(Schubert Ogden, Christ Without Myth....)

Until we translate this gospel into a language that enlightened men today can understand , we are depriving ourselves of the very resources on which the continued success of our witness most certainly depends .

Synonyms witness Related Terms testimony shahadah

6. witness [ n ] (law) a person who attests to the genuineness of a document or signature by adding their own signature

Used in print:

(Louis Zara, Dark Rider....)

Uncle_and_Aunt_Howe were the witnesses '' .

Synonyms witness attestor attestator attestant Related Terms signer law

7. witness [ n ] (law) a person who testifies under oath in a court of law

Synonyms witness Related Terms person character_witness adverse_witness expert_witness lay_witness material_witness law

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