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Definition of withdrawl

"withdrawl" is probably misspelled. Trying withdrawal instead Definition of withdrawal

1. withdrawal [ n ] the act of withdrawing

Used in print:

(Robert E. Lane, The Liberties of Wit: Humanism, Critici...)

In the calm which follows the reading of a poem , for_example , is the effect produced by the enforced quiet , by the musical quality of words and rhythm , by the sentiments or sense of the poem , by the associations with earlier readings , if it is familiar , by the boost to the self-esteem for the semi-literate , by the diversion of attention , by the sense of security in a legitimized withdrawal , by a kind license for some variety of fantasy_life regarded_as forbidden , or by half conscious ideas about the magical_power of words ?

Synonyms withdrawal Related Terms departure retreat desertion evacuation effacement standdown decampment receding retirement pullback remove disengage retreat bow_out

2. withdrawal [ n ] a retraction of a previously held position

Used in print:

(Marvin Schiller, "The Sheep's in the Meadow,"...)

My memory has catalogued for easy reference and withdrawal the image of her pink , scented stationery and the unsloped , almost printed configurations of her neat , studious handwriting with which she invited me to recall our summer , so many sentences beginning with `` Remember when '' ; and_others concerning camp friends who resided in her suburban neighborhood , and news of her commencing again her piano_lessons , her private_school , a visit to Boston to see her grandparents and an uncle who was a surgeon returned on furlough , wounded , from the war in Europe .

Synonyms withdrawal climb-down backdown Related Terms retraction back_up

3. withdrawal [ n ] the act of taking out money or other capital

Used in print:

([Anonymous,] "The Attack on Employee Services"...)

Have you considered gradual withdrawal of subsidies to your in plant feeding operation ?

Synonyms withdrawal Related Terms removal bank_withdrawal disinvestment withdraw

4. withdrawal [ n ] formal separation from an alliance or federation

Synonyms withdrawal secession Related Terms separation breakaway retire

5. withdrawal [ n ] avoiding emotional involvement

Synonyms detachment withdrawal Related Terms indifference retire

6. withdrawal [ n ] the termination of drug taking

Synonyms drug_withdrawal withdrawal Related Terms termination cold_turkey

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