1. [ noun ] the man at the outermost end of the rank in wheeling
Related terms: marcher wheel
2. [ noun ] (archeology,anthropology) Scottish archaeologist (1890-1976)
Synonyms: sir_robert_eric_mortimer_wheeler sir_mortimer_wheeler
Related terms: archeologist
3. [ noun ] (work) someone who makes and repairs wooden wheels
Synonyms: wheelwright
Related terms: wright
4. [ noun ] a person who rides a bicycle
Synonyms: cyclist bicycler bicyclist
Related terms: pedaler bernard_hinault eddy_merckx bicycle
5. [ noun ] Last name, frequency rank in the U.S. is 208
6. [ noun ] (zoology) a draft horse harnessed behind others and nearest the wheels of a vehicle
Synonyms: wheel_horse
Related terms: draft_horse
Similar spelling:   Wheller