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Definition of whare

"whare" is probably misspelled. Trying whore instead Definition of whore

1. whore [ n ] a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money

Used in print:

(Howard Nemerov, "Themes and Methods: The Early...)

The horrifying humor , the specifically sexual embarrassment of the joke gone_wrong , the monstrous image of the fat man dressed_up as a whore dressing_up as a baby ; the epiphany of that quivering flesh ; the bringing_together around it of the secret liaison between indolent , mindless sensuality and sharp , shrewd talent , cleverness with an occasional touch of genius ( which , however , does not know `` how to attack the problem of suffering '' ) ; the miraculous way in which music , revelation and death are associated in a single instant - all this seems a triumph of art , a rather desperate art , in itself ; beyond itself , also , it evokes numerous and distant resonances from the entire body of Mann 's work .

Professionally a lawyer , that_is_to_say associated with dignity , reserve , discipline , with much that is essentially middle-class , he is compelled by an impossible love to exhibit himself dressed_up , disguised - that_is , paradoxically , revealed - as a child , and , worse , as a whore masquerading as a child .

Synonyms whore prostitute cyprian trollop harlot lady_of_pleasure tart fancy_woman working_girl sporting_lady bawd woman_of_the_street cocotte Related Terms woman camp_follower streetwalker white_slave demimondaine comfort_woman call_girl

2. whore [ v ] corrupt by lewd intercourse

Synonyms whore Related Terms corrupt prostitute

3. whore [ v ] have unlawful sex with a whore

Synonyms whore Related Terms fornicate prostitute

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