1. [ verb ] join together by heating, as of metals
Related terms: join butt-weld spotweld welding welder blend
2. [ verb ] unite closely or intimately

"Her gratitude welded her to him"

Related terms: unite
3. [ noun ] (botany) European mignonette cultivated as a source of yellow dye; naturalized in North America
Synonyms: dyer's_mignonette Reseda_luteola dyer's_rocket
Related terms: reseda genus_Reseda
4. [ noun ] (politics) United States abolitionist (1803-1895)
Synonyms: theodore_dwight_weld
Related terms: abolitionist
5. [ noun ] Last name, frequency rank in the U.S. is 23297
6. [ noun ] a metal joint formed by softening with heat and fusing or hammering together
Related terms: joint spot-weld
Similar spelling:   Weldy