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Definition of weet

"weet" is probably misspelled. Trying wet instead Definition of wet

1. wet [ a ] covered or soaked with a liquid such as water
Examples: "a wet bathing suit" "wet sidewalks" "wet paint" "wet weather"

Used in print:

(Booton Herndon, "From Custer to Korea, The 7th Cavalry"...)

He went_down like a wet rag and the attackers hit_the_dirt in the face of the withering enemy fire .

(Helen Hooven Santmyer, "There Were Fences"...)

The street was unpaved and rose steeply toward the center ; it was mud in wet weather and dust , ankle-deep , in dry , and could be crossed only at the corner where there were stepping_stones .

(The Family Fallout Shelter. Office of Civil and Defence...)

The walls are held together with metal ties placed in the wet mortar as the walls are built .

(Donald J. Plantz, Sweeney Squadron....)

There was a feeling that this mission would be canceled like all the others and that this muddy wet dark world of combat would go_on forever .

(T. C. McClary, "The Flooded Desert," Argosy,...)

Then he took_off his wet boots and dropped_down into the water to talk with the beasts , needing their comfort more than they needed his .

Synonyms wet Related Terms dry miry drenched damp perspiring dripping clammy sticky steaming reeking watery soggy dunked drippy undried misty humid tacky besprent washed muggy rheumy showery bedewed wetness

2. wet [ v ] cause to become wet
Examples: "Wet your face"

Used in print:

(T. C. McClary, "The Flooded Desert," Argosy,...)

He cleared his throat and wet his lips .

She drank and pushed back her gingham bonnet to wet a kerchief and wipe her face .

Synonyms wet Related Terms dry change moisten water drench douse squirt sprinkle bedew

3. wet [ n ] wetness caused by water
Examples: "drops of wet gleamed on the window"

Used in print:

(T. C. McClary, "The Flooded Desert," Argosy,...)

Beaten with fear and sound and wet and chill , they crawled to the hurricane_deck and looked out haggardly at a world of water that reached clear to the surrounding hills .

Synonyms moisture wet Related Terms wetness humidify

4. wet [ a ] supporting or permitting the legal production and sale of alcoholic beverages
Examples: "a wet candidate running on a wet platform" "a wet county"

Synonyms wet Related Terms dry

5. wet [ a ] consisting of or trading in alcoholic liquor
Examples: "a wet cargo" "a wet canteen"

Synonyms wet Related Terms alcoholic

6. wet [ a ] slang for `drunk'

Synonyms crocked tipsy blind_drunk blotto besotted potty loaded pissed pixilated plastered sloshed slopped smashed fuddled soaked soused sozzled squiffy stiff tiddly tiddley tight blind wet Related Terms intoxicated

7. wet [ a ] producing or secreting milk
Examples: "a wet nurse" "a wet cow" "lactating cows"

Synonyms lactating wet Related Terms dry fresh

8. wet [ a ] very drunk

Synonyms crocked tipsy cockeyed pixilated blind_drunk potty pie-eyed pissed stiff plastered slopped fuddled sloshed smashed soaked soused sozzled squiffy loaded tiddley tiddly tight blotto wet besotted Related Terms cant intoxicated

9. wet [ v ] make one's bed or clothes wet by urinating
Examples: "This eight year old boy still wets his bed"

Synonyms wet Related Terms make bedwetter

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