1. [ noun ] (botany) Brazilian fan palm having an edible root; source of a useful leaf fiber and a brittle yellowish wax
Synonyms: carnauba_palm Copernicia_prunifera Copernicia_cerifera carnauba
Related terms: fan_palm Copernicia carnauba_wax
2. [ noun ] (botany) South American palm yielding a wax similar to carnauba wax
Synonyms: caranda caranda_palm Copernicia_australis Copernicia_alba caranday
Related terms: fan_palm Copernicia
3. [ noun ] (botany) palm of the Andes yielding a resinous wax which is mixed with tallow to make candles
Synonyms: Ceroxylon_alpinum Ceroxylon_andicola
Related terms: feather_palm Ceroxylon