1. [ noun ] (games) the act of gambling
Synonyms: risking hazarding staking bet

"he did it on a bet"

Related terms: gambling parimutuel place_bet daily_double superfecta exacta bet
2. [ verb ] (games) stake on the outcome of an issue
Synonyms: play bet

"I bet $100 on that new horse" "She played all her money on the dark horse"

Related terms: gamble bet_on raise see play play gambling stake bettor
3. [ verb ] maintain with or as if with a bet
Synonyms: bet

"I bet she will be there!"

Related terms: predict bet_on bet
4. [ noun ] Last name, frequency rank in the U.S. is 9759
5. [ noun ] (business) the money risked on a gamble
Synonyms: bet stakes stake
Related terms: gamble pot ante pool pool bet_on venture
Similar spelling:   waggery