1. [ noun ] (music,performing arts) a person who sings
Synonyms: singer vocalist vocalizer
Related terms: musician soprano voice folk_singer contralto songster crooner canary torch_singer lieder_singer caroler baritone bailey chevalier jackson janis_joplin tenor thrush ethel_merman edith_giovanna_gassion yodeller hummer madrigalist rapper bob_dylan dietrich castrato chorister alto bass iglesias al_jolson jackson b._b._king harry_lauder madonna bob_marley dean_martin rock_star orbison garland paul_bustill_robeson paul_simon bessie_smith kate_smith barbra_joan_streisand sarah_vaughan ethel_waters tammy_wynette lillian_russell opera_star warbler huddie_leadbetter hank_williams ella_fitzgerald sing sing sing vocalize
2. [ noun ] an organism that can utter vocal sounds
Synonyms: vocalizer utterer

"an utterer of foul oaths" "is the giraffe a vocalizer?"

Related terms: life_form express utter voice
Similar spelling:   vocalise