1. [ noun ] (verse,writing) a piece of poetry
Synonyms: rhyme
Related terms: poem doggerel clerihew limerick rhyme
2. [ noun ] (verse,writing) literature in metrical form
Synonyms: poetry poesy
Related terms: writing_style epos epic_poetry hush relyric sweetly rhyme stilly versify alliterate spondaize lyric darkling sonnet sonnet scrivened lyric orient metrify scan elegize tag dolor versify
3. [ noun ] (linguistics,prosody,verse,writing) a line of metrical text
Synonyms: verse_line
Related terms: line hexameter octameter tetrameter iambic pentameter Adonic octosyllable decasyllable ayah poem
4. [ verb ] familiarize through thorough study or experience

"She versed herself in Roman archeology"

Related terms: familiarize
5. [ verb ] (verse,writing) compose verses or put into verse
Synonyms: poetize poetise versify

"He versified the ancient saga"

Related terms: write sonnet metrify spondaize elegize poetry poet poetry poetizer versification versification
Similar spelling:   Versie