1. [ noun ] flat surface that rotates and pushes against air or water
Synonyms: blade
Related terms: rotating_mechanism paddle fan_blade rudder_blade impeller turbine propeller windmill oar helicopter
2. [ noun ] mechanical device attached to an elevated structure; rotates freely to show the direction of the wind
Synonyms: weather_vane wind_vane weathervane
Related terms: mechanical_device wind_tee weathercock
3. [ noun ] (nautical) a metal fin attached to the tail of a bomb or missile in order to stabilize or guide it
Related terms: fin missile
4. [ noun ] Last name, frequency rank in the U.S. is 30961
5. [ noun ] (zoology) the flattened weblike part of a feather consisting of a series of barbs on either side of the shaft
Synonyms: web
Related terms: blade feather barb
Similar spelling:   van