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Definition of vage

"vage" is probably misspelled. Trying vase instead Definition of vase

1. vase [ n ] an open jar of glass or porcelain used as an ornament or to hold flowers

Used in print:

(Chester G. Starr, The Origins of Greek Civili...)

And perhaps an observer of the vases will not go_too_far in deducing that the outlook of their makers and users was basically stable and secure .

In the vases this spirit may perhaps at_times bore or repel one in its internal self-satisfaction , but the best of the Geometric pins have rightly been considered among the most beautiful ever made in the Greek world .

While Protogeometric vases usually turn_up , especially outside Greece proper , together with as_many or more examples of local stamp , these `` non Greek '' patterns had mostly vanished by the later ninth century .

One can take a vase of about 800 B.C. and , without any knowledge of its place_of_origin , venture to assign it to a specific area ; imitation and borrowing of motifs now become ascertainable .

The antecedents of Dipylon vases and of the Iliad lie_in the Aegean past .

Synonyms vase Related Terms jar urn

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