1. [ adjective ] (medicine) not in or exhibiting good health in body or mind

"unhealthy ulcers"

Related terms: healthy bloated cankerous inflamed edematous sunburned diseased sallow inflammatory foaming asthmatic sore-eyed varicose cytomegalic dehydrated pro-inflammatory enlarged bloodshot angry bad gangrenous carious carbuncled ingrowing jaundiced caseous membranous mental chilblained blebby raw arthritic debilitated icteric colicky proinflammatory arthritic windburned ill frail unwholesome unfit health
2. [ adjective ] detrimental to health
Synonyms: unhealthful insalubrious
Related terms: unwholesome
3. [ adjective ] not conducive to good health

"an unhealthy diet of fast foods" "an unhealthy climate"

Related terms: unhealthful
Similar spelling:   unhealthful